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Grand Recorder

M.Wy. Bro. Ian Leslie Hutchinson, PGSR
Grand Recorder

To All Secretaries of Secret Monitor Conclaves

Installation Returns 

All Secretaries are reminded that an Installation Return must be completed and returned to the OSM Office immediately after the Installation meeting along with a list of Conclave Officers, so that the Web Site can be kept up-to-date.

Membership Forms

A membership form for induction or joining, must be sent to the OSM Office along with the appropriate fees, for Grand Conclave immediately after the meeting.

Conclave Summons

The Conclave Summons is a valuable source of information for members, Visitors and the Grand Conclave. Two copies of the Summons must be sent to the OSM Office two weeks prior to the meeting. If a Secretary needs help in any way regarding the Conclave Summons, please do not hesitate to contact the OSM Grand Recorder. 

Annual Returns

The Annual Return forms have been sent to all Secretaries, they should be returned to the OSM Office no later than the 10th January each year, with the correct payments for Grand Conclave.

OSM Office

All enquires for the Order of Secret Monitor should be made via the Grand Recorder. The OSM Office is normally manned - Monday to Friday 9.30am - 12.00pm. Or you may use the Contact us page.

Tel/Fax: 96 646 2598

Gran Conclave de la Orden del Monitor Secreto de España e Iberia y sus Distritos

M. Wy. Bro. Peter David Browning
Grand Supreme Ruler